Anastasiades still presses for return of Famagusta

President Anastasiades, speaking to overseas Cypriots in New York has re-iterated that a new dynamic will be created in regard to the Cyprus problem that will allow negotiations to end positively.

He added that the interest concerning Cyprus has been upgraded and the picture that he gets is that the positions of the Greek Cypriot side are now respected.

The President told the gathering that the talks should be well prepared but also Turkey should take bold steps.

He repeated his proposal for a series of confidence building measures which include the return of Famagusta.

“Such conditions will be created and such dynamic allowing the new dialogue that will start to lead us to a favourable ending”, the President said, adding that his proposal includes a greater involvement on the part of the EU.

The President further remarked that what was needed was good will from those who had maintained an intransigent position which brought negotiations to a halt.

Elsewhere, in more truculent tones, South Cyprus House President, Yiannakis Omirouat, speaking at an annual memorial meeting commemorating Greek Cypriots who died in Degirmenlik (Kythrea), said that the economic situation in the South would not pressure the Greek Cypriots to accept a solution based on the framework of the 2004 Annan Plan and that Cyprus Hellenic values would be upheld.

Omirou stressed that they never accept the “occupation” and efforts to legalize the ‘fait accompli’.

“Our duty for the sacrifice of our heroes is to continue the struggle”, Omirou pointed out, adding that Europe could not expect the South to agree to support Turkey’s EU accession if Ankara does not fulfil its obligations to Cyprus.

The House President made reassurances on his commitment to continue the struggle for a peaceful future of Cyprus and its people which would be free of [mainland] Turkish influence. He also promised that the efforts to ascertain the fate of all Greek Cypriot missing persons in Cyprus would continue.

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