Anastasiades’ surgery will delay talks: Eroglu

Turkish Cypriot President Dervis Eroglu said that the negotiations will have to wait as Greek Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades is going to New York to have surgery, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

Eroglu said that he had called Anastasiades yesterday to wish him well.

Eroglu said; “Anastasiades will be abroad for 20-25 days. There is no possibility for the negotiations to start now. It seems like everything will be pending until January and that is if Anastasiades will come back to the table. While we were conveying our get well wishes we said ‘hopefully you will get well soon and sit at the negotiations,’”

Eroglu said that Anastasiades’ precondition to return to table was that Turkey should withdraw its vessels and promise that they will not return. “It is evident that the negotiations cannot start with such a precondition. We do not have to give promises for south Cyprus to return to the negotiation table,” said Eroglu.

President Anastasiades will be travelling to New York on Friday to undergo mitral valve repair surgery and is expected to return before the Christmas holidays.


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