Anastasiades used Downer as a postman: Eroglu

President Dervis Eroglu has said that he strongly opposed UN Secretary-General’s special adviser on Cyprus, Alexander Downer conveying the issue of the fenced city of Maras/Varosh to Ankara.

As reported, the proposal to return Maras to the Greek Cypriots was flatly turned down by Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu.

Speaking during a reception being held for the newly elected MPs, Eroglu said that he should be addressing President Anastasiades and added: “If Anastasiades has a proposal, he will bring it to the negotiating table and we will discuss it. In fact, I was saddened by the fact that he behaved as if he has no interlocutor here, he used Downer as a postman and Downer accepted this”.

Eroglu noted that they have a common view with their motherland Turkey on the issue of Maras. He added that he feels that the Cyprus talks have entered into a critical stage and argued that “reference to foreign interferences has started”.

Addressing the MPs, Eroglu noted that the Cyprus problem concerned all of them and that he would not be alone in the negotiation process.

He said that naturally, he would hold a frank and sincere dialogue with the assembly and the political parties, because the assembly would have to approve any agreement that might be reached during the negotiations.

Eroglu argued that the Cyprus problem could be solved if they acted in unity and solidarity.

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