Anastasiades Well Ahead in Polls

President Nicos Anastasiades looks to be streets ahead to win the presidential elections in the south, according to the latest poll.

Greek Cypriot state broadcaster CyBC presented the poll on Friday evening, showing the incumbent president to be likely to win over two other candiates likely to be in the run off in the elections in January.

In a random sample of 1,100 people who took part in a phone poll taken by Cymar between November 14-18, Anastasiades came out as the leader with 27%. Akel-backed Stavros Malas and Diko leader Nicolas Papadopoulos – who is backed by his party, socialists Edek, Solidarity and the Green party, tied in second place at 13.5%.

Meanwhile, leader of the far-right party Elam Christos Christou came an unexpected fourth with 4% and Citizen’s Alliance followed with only 2%.

Ten per cent of respondents said they would abstain from voting, while 21.5 % said they were undecided. Seven per cent declined to answer.

Cyprus Mail

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