Anatolia’s Security Dependent on TRNC

Anatolia is fully dependent on the TRNC”, columnist Cem Gurdeniz writing in Turkish daily ‘Aydinlik’ said that the fact alone that a second Turkish independent state in the Eastern Mediterranean had completed the 34th year of its existence, constitutes a success.

He wrote, inter alia, the following: “Turkey’s security, defence, prosperity and happiness are nested in the seas by which it is surrounded. (…) As long as Cyprus’ northern coasts are not in Turkey’s hands, Anatolia cannot sleep quietly”.

Stating that North Cyprus is the basis of Turkey’s policy in the Eastern Mediterranean, Gurdeniz wrote: “Whoever speaks of a negotiating process again or of a federal solution, you should know that he puts in danger not only the future of the TRNC, but Anatolia’s future as well. It should not be forgotten that the TRNC is not a daughter land. It is the motherland itself”.

Kibris Postasi

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