Anglo/Turkish Assoc. fund cinema room for SOS kids

The Anglo-Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus (ATA) committee members visited SOS Children’s Village to see a cinema room, which was created with the ATA’s funding.

After funding the renovation of manhole covers and rainwater pipes at SOS Children’s Village in 2015, a new projector and related equipment was purchased using the remainder of the £500 from last year’s project for a new cinema room.

As well as purchasing the projection materials, which cost 1,695TL, the ATA also donated an air conditioning unit, which was installed at the cinema room of House 13 of the Village in Lefkoşa.

Offering a space for SOS families to watch films together, the room is also used for children’s lessons, activities, and staff presentations and training workshops.

ATA Chairman Pearl Mitchell and Secretary Jewel Pearce got to see the room in action upon their visit, as it was being used by student volunteers from Near East University who were teaching children about environmental awareness.

Fundraising and Public Relations Officer Şirin Damdelen presented the ATA officials with a certificate of appreciation.

It was so nice for the ATA to see the room in action,” said Şirin Damdelen.

We thank the ATA for their loyal support and belief in SOS Children’s Village. This kind of support is an investment in the future generation and the community,” she added.

Namık Kemal High School funded the purchase of a projector screen, with some of the 700TL collected in bring and buy sale.  Last month, teacher Zühal Mustafaoğulları and students Cansu Çakıcı and Gülcem Bekayi from the school in Famagusta visited SOS Children’s Village, where they were presented with a certificate of appreciation.

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