Angry farmers protest outside Assembly building

President of the Union of Animal Breeders and Producers Mustafa Naimoğulları, referring to the second day of action taken in North Nicosia by the farmers, has said that he will meet with Deputy PM and Finance Minister Serdar Denktaş this morning.

On Wednesday, angry farmers protesting against the price of fuel, water, wheat and milk, blocked the centre of Nicosia with 150 tractors and cars.north-cyprus-news-farmers-protest-nicosia

The demonstration began outside the Assembly building and then moved onto the Finance Office. A scuffle broke out between the farmers and local police. Eventually PM Denktaş came out to speak with the union leader and invited him inside.

Unhappy with the outcome, on Wednesday evening, the farmers returned home, leaving most of the tractors behind in the city.

The farmers have accused the Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources Nazım Çavuşoğlu and ministerial bureaucrats of “being unhelpful about the problems of the producers”, saying that they were just playing games.

The union leader said that the Turkish Cypriot Farmers’ Association, who were in support of the demonstration, would be joining them in Nicosia with their vehicles, on Thursday.

Determined to cause chaos in the streets, he said that the “tractors would not be in the fields, but in the streets of the capital”.

He added that the general public supported their protest. The situation for breeders and farmers was no longer tenable, he said.

Pointing out that this action would continue until they met with results, Naimoğulları, emphasised that they were always open to dialogue and said this:

Mr. Denktaş wants us to terminate our actions and then our requests will be discussed. However, we warned them many times before we took action. We announced that this action will be taken days ago, we mentioned that we will only talk to the Minister of Finance and the Prime Minister. No one has ever had made a serious request to meet with us.”

The union leader went on to say that PM Denktaş was aware of the problems of the producers but is taking refuge behind the 2017 budget. “We cannot bear it anymore. We want to know how our demands will be met. Until then, we will continue to protest”, he said.

Cyprus Weekly, Kibris Gazetesi

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