Ankara discusses irrigation project for Mesarya Plain

An agreement has been reached in Ankara regarding agricultural and water issues in the TRNC, Minister for Agriculture and Natural  Resources Nazim Cavusoglu told BRT.

Drawing attention to the importance of sustainability, Cavusoglu referred to the drought conditions in the North and said that they had come to an agreement with the Turkish government so that drought will not be an obstacle to production and the solution will be sustainable.

He said that a working group has been formed between the two countries to work on this problem.

Cavusoglu added said that they had also discussed the details of the second phase of the 256 kilometre pipeline that will allow water from Turkey to reach all corners of the TRNC.

Touching upon the Guzelyurt irrigation project, Cavusoglu said that the government has approved the project that had been prepared but noted that they had not come to an agreement yet on the work that is taking place on the Mesarya Irrigation Project.

He said they had expressed their concerns regarding the project and agreed that a separate committee would be formed between the two countries, in order to evaluate details of the project.


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