Ankara holds the key to the Cyprus problem: Omirou

Greek Cypriot Speaker of the House Yiannakis Omirou, addressing the annual memorial of Nikos Christos Solomou on Sunday, said that it is Ankara which holds the key to the solution of the Cyprus problem.

The election by Turkish Cypriots of a new leader, Mustafa Akinci, is a positive development, given his positions on the Cyprus issue. However, he said that in reality, it was time to turn to the true nature of the Cypriot crisis and demand the implementation of international and European law, and declare and insist that the Cyprus problem was and continues to be an issue of invasion and occupation of an independent state by Turkey, and show that all those who are truly interested in a just and viable settlement should turn their interest and influence to Turkey.

Omirou said that nothing could oblige the people to accept a solution that would endanger the national and physical survival of Cypriot Hellenism and the smooth coexistence of the legitimate citizens of Cyprus in a free and democratic state.

It is imperative, Omirou said, that the solution is based on the international and European law.

The Greek Cypriot House President said that Turkey must abandon its imperialistic behaviour and reconcile with a Cyprus settlement based on the principles of international and European law.

Referring to the ongoing Cyprus talks, the House President said that it is necessary to hold, in tandem, discussions on various issues relating to the Cyprus issue.

Apart from the constitutional aspect, he said, it is necessary to discuss the issue regarding the withdrawal of troops and settlers, the territory issue, the return of refugees and the abolition of the anachronistic guarantees of 1960.


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