If Annan Plan voted in TC’s would be freeloading: Chrysostomos

Greek Cypriot Archbishop Chrysostomos II has said that as long as Turkey continues to talk about the “realities” on the island, there will be no solution to the Cyprus problem.

According to the Greek Cypriot newspaper ‘Politis’ and other news papers, the Archbishop who was speaking at a religious ceremony yesterday, said he did not believe there would be a solution to the Cyprus issue as long as Turkey continued to occupy the north of the island, occupy Greek Cypriot properties and have one foot in the south.

Chrysostomos also said that Turkey’s reference to two states prevented a solution and noted that there was not a single person in Cyprus who would sign such an agreement or anyone which would approve it.

Turkish daily ‘Hurriyet’ reports that according to ‘Politis’, the Archbishop claimed that Turkish Cypriots would be freeloading off hard-working Greek Cypriots today if the 2004 Annan plan had been accepted, thereby creating a federation on Cyprus.

“If I had said ‘yes’ to the federation and it had been accepted, Greek Cypriots would work and Turkish Cypriots would exploit our richness,” the cleric reportedly told ‘Politis’. “Turks are undutiful, no federation [can be carried] out with them.”

The Archbishop also said Greek Cypriots would eventually leave the island to be replaced by Turks if a union were accepted on the island.

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