Another hike in electricity price is unacceptable

General Secretary of the BKP, Abdullah Korkmazhan has said that a price increase for electricity of 6% was unacceptable.

In a written statement regarding recent remarks by CTP leader Mehmet Ali Talat who said that the price increase was inevitable, Korkmazhan said the price increases were blamed on petrol prices and KIB-TEK debts, adding that these facts were meaningless. Oil prices had dropped from US$115 to US$45 and noting that the Greek Cypriot side had reduced their prices three times.

Korkmazhan also criticised the lack of a filter system on the chimney at Teknecik, claiming that the number of people with cancer had increased in Catalkoy and Arapkoy from the poisonous fumes.

Another price hike was unacceptable and the public could not tolerate another rise in the cost of electricity, he said.

Kibris Postasi

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