Another incident over drilling on the horizon

Following the collapse of the Cyprus talks, a new incident is expected to occur in Cyprus.

According to to Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Havadis’, despite all the objections by Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot side, drilling for natural gas in Bloc 11 of South Cyprus’ EEZ will start on July 13.

The drill ship ‘West Capella’, which will carry out the drilling in Bloc 11 on behalf of French Total in consortium with Italian energy company Eni, will arrive on July 11. On July 13 it will carry out a drilling test. According to the paper, the drilling will officially start on July 16.

Meanwhile, the paper further reports that when it first reported on the launching of drilling by Total in Bloc 11, Turkey’s Energy Ministry immediately announced that it would also carry out exploring and drilling in the Mediterranean sea within 2017.

Claiming that Bloc 11 is not part of the area, where the Turkish Cypriot side claims to have rights and the fact that Bloc 11 is in the open sea, the paper argues that these reasons remove the obstacles for sending Turkish war vessels to the area and that the Greek Cypriot side concerned about this.


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