Another Young Person Drowns Off Alagadi Beach

North Cyprus News - Alagadi Beach
Alagadi Beach

A young man who was pulled out of the sea at Alagadi has died in the intensive care unit at the Kolan British Hospital

33-year-old Mehmet Karadeniz, was one of two people who were struggling in rough waters last Thursday.

The other, 22 year old Dahi Haphap who also went swimming off Alagadi at around 18.20 on Thursday, has survived.

The two men initially were taken to Dr. Akçiçek Hospital in Kyrenia and later transferred to Nicosia State Hospital.

Three weeks ago, two young people drowned near the same location in rough and windy weather.

Speaking of his distress at the number of people who drown at sea every summer, Dr Özcan Hüdaverdi who works at Dr. Akçiçek Hospital asked why there were no life-guards at the beach. 

If the weather is windy and the sea is rough, do not go in the water, he warned.


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