Any new developments on the Cyprob – Turkey will tell us

President Akinci could not say that Turkey’s negotiations with the EU have ended, ‘Yeni Duzen’ journalist Cenk Mutluyakali writes. Arguing that no other country or the administrator of any other country could speak on Turkey’s behalf notes:

“[…] We sometimes see ourselves as a really separate state. This is the problem. If we see the reality, we will not be bitterly resentful. We are not equals to Turkey. We are not politically equal. […] The demand for political equality is submitted only to the Greek Cypriots. […] In the non-solution environment we are a subordinate administration. We are unique of course. Like a spoiled rich child. […]

“Therefore, Turkey’s EU Minister and Chief Negotiator Omer Celik can say that the comprehensive negotiations in Cyprus have ended and that they have not been frozen or postponed. No one says, no one can ask him ‘who are you’? No one can call him to account saying ‘what happened to you’. […] Why? First, this is not in harmony with diplomatic courtesy. Second, Turkey has the effective and de facto control in the northern part of the island. Third, Turkey is the guarantor. Fourth, the majority is in favour of the continuation of guarantees. Fifth, the expression that ‘whoever pays the piper calls the tune’ is not just a proverb! […]

“Very well, what is the reality regarding the negotiations? I do not know! And be sure that it is no shame for me as a journalist not to know this, because no one knows. No one knows from the president of the republic, to the prime minister, from the heads of the village to the members of the village council, from the ambassador to the district officer! If there is a new development, Celik will say!”

Yeni Duzen

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