Apostolides’ Killer Attempts Suicide in Turkish Prison

Turkish national Erdinc Senturk (22) who admitted to the murder of Greek Cypriot Solomos Apostolides to the Turkish police, has attempted suicide.

He was being held in prison in Yalova, Turkey and was prevented from committing suicide by the other inmates. Senturk was transferred to Yalova State Hospital but was found to be in good physical health and was returned to prison under care of a psychiatrist.

Earlier reports stated that Senturk would face trial in Turkey unless he specifically requested to be tried in the TRNC, where he murdered Mr. Apostolides. Kibris Gazetesi reports that after completion of official processes he will be handed back to the TRNC authorities to be tried in North Cyprus.

Mr. Apostolides body was discovered with a blunt trauma wound to his head in a wooded area near the Kyrenia-Degirmenlik highway two weeks ago. Senturk had left North Cyprus but later confessed to murdering Mr. Apostolides, after he had heard that Apostolides had died. He said that Apostolides had attempted to sexually assault him, so he struck him with a stone. Mr. Apostolides had been a frequenter of casinos in the north and was last seen leaving a casino in Kyrenia in the company of Erdinc Senturk.

Kibris Gazetesi

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