Appalling Lack of Health and Safety Inspectors

The poor ratio between building site inspectors and the number of construction sites in the TRNC is daunting.

North Cyprus News - Building - Construction SiteFatal accidents to workers are frequently in the news, however, occupational health and safety regulations are not implemented because of a lack of personnel to perform that task. There are only three inspectors in charge of 3,000 construction sites in the country. According to Labour Department data, between February 7 and June 22, a total of 226 buildings were inspected. After the inspections were made, 102 construction sites were closed. In the same period, 77 constructions were closed again and 3 were partially opened.

36 construction operators received warnings, and 8 sites complied with regulations after the inspection. Just one worksite was identified as exemplary. During the inspections conducted within a five-month period; five companies which failed to observe health and safety regulations, paid a total of 31, 970 TL in penalties.

Director of the Labour office, Yusuf Önderol, told Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Yeni Duzen’ that from laying the foundations to completion, health and safety measures must be taken. He noted that there are construction sites all across the island, far away from the eyes of the inspectors.

Yeni Duzen

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