Application numbers for white cards increased

The number of applications for white cards have increased, TRNC Minister for the Interior and Labour Asim Akansoy, has said.

Application numbers have risen since 17th February 2016, when the application fee was reduced from 2000TL to 1,000TL.

Speaking to North Cyprus daily ‘Detay’, Akansoy said that the benefits for white card holders will improve. He added that his ministry is working for white card holders to be granted all the rights of TRNC citizenship, with the exception of voting rights and the right to stand for election. This work should be concluded by 2017, he said.

The minister noted that the number of the persons working in North Cyprus, having a work permit is around 40 thousand and that ten thousand persons have currently the right to file an application for a white card. This is not obligatory at the moment, because according to the existing legislation, one can reside in the TRNC with a work permit.

With the forthcoming legal changes, only those persons who possess a white card will gain the right of citizenship.

TV broadcasts are to be scheduled soon, to encourage more people to apply for the white card, Akansoy said.


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