April salaries will be paid: Denktaş

The April salaries for civil servants will be paid, according to deputy PM and finance minister Serdar Denktaş.

In an interview with columnist for Kibris Postasi, Levent Ozdam, the deputy PM said that the salaries for April were ready for payment and there was no need to worry on this issue.

Ozdam wonders, in his column, where the money had come from, given that the treasury coffers were empty.

Somehow the money has been found and this is good news. Let him [Denktaş] tell us where he found it”, he writes. Ozdam also speculates that Denktaş had probably come to an agreement with Turkey on signing the economic protocol.

The journalist notes however, that Denktaş had told him that the money had not come from Turkey.

In reply to a question about when the economic protocol will be signed, Denktaş said that it is not possible to sign the protocol in its current form and pointed out that there need to be some amendments made to it.

Kibris Postasi

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