Archbishop ok’s gas pipe from the south to Turkey

The Archbishop of Cyprus, Chrysostomos II has said that a gas pipeline from the south could pass via North Cyprus to Turkey if that would serve the national interests of Cyprus.

The primate of the Church of Cyprus noted that “we want to maintain good relations with all nations including Turkey”.

“We are always open to anything that is in the interests of the Cyprus people, Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots and the other minorities. We have no reasons to oppose”, he said, replying to questions.

Just yesterday, Government Spokesman Stephanos Stephanou said the transfer of Cyprus natural gas through Turkey cannot be done unless the Cyprus problem is solved.

The comment came after an article published by “The Economist” stating that “Cyprus’s creditors may press for the faster (and cheaper) option of building a pipeline to Turkey: something that, with settlement talks with the Turkish-Cypriot north stalled, Greek-Cypriots would find hard to swallow”.

Currently there are plans to liquefy natural gas finds on the island.This is a much more expensive option and is a move that is opposed by the Green Party in the south.

Many environmental groups are against liquid natural gas. In Israel, it recently emerged that there is a possibility that the planned Cyprus terminal would also be used by Israeli gas companies to process natural gas found in undersea reserves. This is because the construction of a liquid natural gas processing plant in Israel is facing fierce opposition from environmentalists.

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