Architects Blast Monumental Statue Planned For Kyrenia

North Cyprus News - The Noble Peasant - StatueControversial plans to install a monumental statue entitled the ‘Noble Peasant’ in the Kyrenia foothills have brought reactions from the Chamber of Architects.

Emphasising the size of the statue [40 metres high] and its inappropriate scale and size, a statement from the architects said:

 “Acting with the responsibility of all kinds of destruction to the island of Cyprus, the future of society and the whole world is an element that should not be compromised in any way. As the Chamber of Architects, we state that we do not find the construction of such a structure entirely appropriate, and we believe that it would be right to be sensitive to the reactions of the investor institution and the permit authorities, the public and the non-governmental organisations representing them, and to immediately cancel the project.

The Chamber of Architects went on to ask:

Has the public been involved in such a project that concerns society? What is the general approach of the public to such a project in terms of its scope and location? It is known that the location of the project is  forest land closed to construction. Under what law will there be a permit to install such a construction?

“Has the infrastructure, road etc. been planned as well as the project itself and under what law will it be permitted? Is there an EIA report due to the fact that the project and its infrastructure are in forest land, and what is the report of the agencies and experts on the environmental impact? Has the effect of a statue of forty metres high and thirty metres in diameter on the skyline of Kyrenia been studied in every aspect?

In what ways was the project addressed while reflecting the Cypriot culture? Have any opinions or studies been conducted on this subject? Have institutions, organisations and artists been included in this process? The location of the project is a concern with its proximity to the existing residential area. In this respect, has its effect on existing residential settlements and transportation networks been studied?

To get a sense of what the statue will look like and how it will impact its surroundings click here

Kibris Postasi

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