Armed Drones Permitted to Launch From Geçitkale

North Cyprus News - Turkish military drone
[Turkish Military Drone]
The bill regarding the transfer of Geçitkale Airport to the military, which has been under discussion for some time, has been passed by the Assembly, Yeniduzen reports.

It was stated that the airport will only be used to deploy Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and that it will not become a military base and no warplanes will be deployed.

Referring to the draft law, CTP Chairman Tufan Erhürman stated that sufficient information should have been provided by the competent authorities to the Law, Political Affairs and Foreign Relations Committee.

Following which, the CTP contacted the authorities and received the information they required.

According to which: Geçitkale Airport can be used as an airport as it is, if Ercan Airport is disabled, Geçitkale Airport can be used as an airport with flight safety, it can be used for air sports, it will not be possible for the TRNC civil aviation authority to be disabled here, it is a military base. 

Erhürman noted that there will be no warplanes and warplanes will not be deployed, and said that they will vote in favour of the bill.

Following which, the bill was passed unanimously.


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