Armed robber caught in Lapta home

Following the outrageous robbery that took place last Friday in Esentepe where Linda Wood, Steven Graver and two tourists were held up by three masked robbers, one suspect has now been apprehended.

Yesterday morning, police arrested a man in Karsiyaka. At the arrest house, police confiscated a coat and a Canon camera belonging to Mr Graver.

Girne Police Chief Inspector Caganaga revealed in a press conference that the man arrested was Mr Yasar Yaman, a Lapta resident and KKTC citizen, aged 21. Yaman is reported to have pleaded guilty to the crime in a signed statement.

Police are now searching for the two other burglars who have now been identified, as well as the gun
used in the robbery and a number of credit cards belonging to the victims. Police have further
revealed that one of the missing credit cards was used to withdraw 1,000 TL at a Kyrenia cash machine.

Linda Woods had earlier testified that during the robbery she had bitten a finger of one of her
attackers and Mr Yaman apparently had a bite mark on one finger.

A judge at the Kyrenia Criminal court has heard the police statements and ordered Mr Yaman to be
held in custody for 3 days pending further investigations.

The couple were threatened with a gun and bound by their hands and feet while their possessions were stolen from them.

Update – 13/10/2012

We reported yesterday on the armed burglary in Esentepe of Steven Graver and Linda Woods. At
that stage, one of the three burglars Yasar Yaman had been arrested in Karsiyaka and appeared to be
cooperating with police. He had also signed a long statement confessing to his part in the burglary.

Mr Yaman appeared again at Girne Criminal Court and was ordered to be held for a further
7 days while investigations continue. As part of the Court hearing, police have revealed that they
have now found 3 of the 4 stolen credit cards. They are now intensifying their search for the two
remaining burglars, who have been identified, as well as the gun used in the burglary.

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