Arrest Made in Fertility Centre Theft Case

Man arrested

A person who stole 8,100 euros, 13,915 dollars, and 7,355 pounds sterling in cash from a fertility centre in Nicosia and kept them in the former State Laboratory was identified and arrested based on camera footage, Yeniduzen reports. 

The suspect, determined to have been living illegally in the TRNC for 702 days, appeared in court in Nicosia and was sent to prison on remand for up to three months.

Police presenting findings related to the investigation in court stated that the suspect, identified as O.M.N., entered a fertility centre in Nicosia on Tuesday night by removing the iron bars from the window and causing damage worth 7,500 TL. 

The police said the suspect entered the premises and stole the cash amounting to 8,100 euros, 13,915 dollars, and 7,355 pounds sterling from a wooden drawer before fleeing.

The police further stated that as part of the investigation, a crowbar and an iron rod, which the suspect used to break the glass and remove the bars, were seized as evidence at the scene, and the suspect was identified from the camera footage examined the same day, leading to his arrest by the Nicosia District Court’s detention order.

It was noted that the suspect confessed to the crime during questioning, disclosed that he had hidden the stolen money in the courtyard of the former State Chemical Laboratory, and indicated the location where the money was hidden, which was subsequently recovered as evidence.

The police also mentioned that the gloves and clothing the suspect used on the day of the incident were found on the roof of the apartment where he resided, and evidence was collected from these items.

It was disclosed that during immigration control, it was determined that the suspect had been residing illegally in North Cyprus for a total of 702 days since June 5, 2022, and had no legal ties.

The police requested that the part of the investigation that could affect the suspect’s case be completed, and asked for him to be bound by any security the court deemed appropriate for him to appear in court.

Judge Zehra Yalkut Bilgeç, evaluating the testimony, ordered the suspect to remain in prison as a remand prisoner for a period not exceeding three months, pending his trial.


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