Arrest warrent issued for owner of Bulut Constructions

An arrest warrant has been issued for the manager of Bulut Insaat (Cloud Constructions) Temel Bulut, who is accused of victimizing thousands of property buyers both in the TRNC and Turkey.

According to Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Kibris’,  Bulut, who has disappeared and no one knows where he is now, is accused of not issuing title deeds for 400 persons for property they bought in the TRNC. In addition, he received money from 150 persons for residences which were either not completed or their construction has not begun yet.

The paper also writes that Bulut Insaat also undertook the construction of a trefoil junction on the Nicosia-Kyrenia road in order to facilitate access for residents of the Evviva Lavinium housing complex, which also has not been completed.


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