Arrested Political Critic Arrested in Court

Serdinç Maypa - arrested
[Serdinç Maypa – arrested]
Serdinç Maypa, known for his broadcasts on social media, was arrested yesterday on charges of “violating privacy”. He appeared in court in Lefkoşa, Yeniduzen reports. 

He faces charges of “infringement of privacy“, “disclosure of personal information“, and “unauthorised access to digital data“.

Maypa, awaiting his hearing, said that after what he reveals in court, “This country will shake after I’m done“. 

In response to a question from a Yenidüzen reporter about the audio recordings on social media, Maypa said that they were, “Efforts I made to expose human trafficking“. 

Maypa’s arrest has attracted a great deal of media interest and a large number of political figures, representatives of civil society organisations, and citizens came to Lefkoşa District Court to follow the case. 

The crowd welcomed Maypa with applause. The courtroom was completely full, and most members of the press were not permitted entry.

Last night, a group gathered in front of the Lefkoşa Police Directorate and staged a demonstration demanding Maypa’s release. 

Meanwhile, some WhatsApp messages and audio recordings allegedly belonging to Maypa were published on social media. In the footage and audio recordings released by what is believed to be a fake Facebook account, apparently in a crude attempt to smear his name, it is claimed that Maypa brought in workers from abroad and engaged in human trafficking.

Following Maypa’s arrest, Kibris Postasi reported yesterday that the Chairman of the People’s Party (HP) Kudret Özersay, shared a post on the topic.

He noted that obvious attempts were being made to silence Maypa’s.     

Özersay ‘s statement is as follows:    

Anyone who goes after corruption and publicly exposes and disgraces those who do all the dirty work is being intimidated and his voice is silenced, it’s obvious. Those who try to put this kind of pressure on Serdinç Maypa have been PROTECTING those who should already be brought to court, their own people, for weeks! Is this your idea of ​​justice?    

“Of course, like every citizen, if dear Serdinç has acted against our laws, necessary action must be taken. However, the question is simple: If he had not addressed these issues, would dear Serdinç be facing such an accusation today? He had already made a statement weeks ago saying, “They will slander me soon, I have received news. Everyone is aware of everything! The truth will of course come out sooner or later”.

In a separate report by Kibris Postasi, Chairman of the Turkish Party (CTP ) Tufan Erhürman stated that he is following the arrest process of Serdinç Maypa.    

Erhürman said, “The concern that the arrest is an unfair attempt to silence an opposing voice in the public should be eliminated“.    

Tufan Erhürman ‘s post is as follows:

The public’s concern about an ‘unfair attempt to silence an opposition voice’ raised by the arrest of Serdinç Maypa must be eliminated.

“Of course, we expect an informative official statement to be made as soon as possible, within the framework of the confidentiality of the investigation. We are following the process…

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