Asian Tiger Mosquito Found in North Cyprus

Asian Tiger Mosquito
[Asian Tiger Mosquito]
Wednesday, 23 November 2022 

The ‘Asian Tiger Mosquito’, known to carry many diseases, has been detected in North Cyprus, the Biologists Association has said, Kibris Online reported.

Reportedly this breed of mosquito was found in Limassol last month.

A statement issued by the association said: “During the studies we have done, we have determined that the mosquitoes delivered to us from the problem areas are an invasive mosquito species. We would like to announce to our people that these findings are the first evidence that Aedes albopictus mosquitoes are also present in Cyprus, and this species, known as the ‘Asian Tiger Mosquito’ in our country, came to our country, even though the authorities tried to hide it”. 

The statement, it was underlined that if black and white striped, active mosquitoes are sighted during the day, the Ministry of Health and local administrations should be notified.

Usual Control Methods Insufficient

It was stated that since the Asian Tiger Mosquito has a different behaviour and biology from the known mosquitoes, classical mosquito control is not sufficient, and that in addition to the biological control programme, specific control strategies should be carried out for invasive mosquitoes. 

It was noted that since the Asian Tiger Mosquito is active during the day, spraying chemicals into the air at night is not effective. “The correct method is to biologically fight with specific bacterial preparations in stagnant water bodies, which are breeding grounds for these mosquitoes, and the pharmaceuticals are already in the hands of the Ministry of Health”, the statement said.


Additionally, it was stated that since invasive mosquito species carry diseases such as the Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, and the Chikungunya virus, they are combated using special methods, and the World Health Organisation has warned that the next pandemic could be transmitted by this mosquito. 

It was stated that the officials of the association met with the Minister of Health to discuss the subject on November 3, and that ministry officials informed them that the ministry was working on invasive mosquito species and that the results of the study would be announced, but the results had not been shared yet.

 The Ministry of Health was called upon to announce the results and the plans for controlling the spread of this particular breed of mosquito.

Kibris Online

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