Asil Nadir gets bank loan

The TRNC Development Bank is reported to have granted a personal loan to Turkish Cypriot businessman Asil Nadir.

Nadir who was sentenced to ten years jail in the UK in 2012 for stealing over £28 million from his own company, Polly Peck, was deported to Turkey in 2016 to continue his sentence there. However, one day after his arrival at Silvestri prison, he was permitted to fly to the TRNC.

The bank loan reportedly, had been given to him following pressure on the bank from the main coalition government party, UBP, despite a negative report prepared by the Attorney General. The Turkish Cypriot businessman is said to be in debt to his company Kibris Media Group.

Nadir plans to start up a air cargo operation out of Geçitkale airport.


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