Asil Nadir is innocent – claims his wife

Asil Nadir, jailed in the UK for 10 years for fraud was treated unfairly, claims his wife, Nur.

29 year old Nur Nadir said that her husband’s struggle for justice was on going. She stressed that Nadir is innocent, that the legal process has been unfair and that 10 years imprisonment is, “too heavy”.

“The judges of the case didn’t have the required financial education and some of them declared that they were in depression. This is not fair to continue the case with these judges. The case is not over yet, we have just started, and this is not the end.”

She declared that Asil Nadir had made his own decision to return to the UK from the TRNC because he wanted the facts regarding his flight to North Cyprus in 1993 to be known, adding that she had not influenced his decision.

Mrs Nadir refuted media allegations that her husband preferred to return when the Conservative Party was in power because he had close ties with the party. Her husband had told her that he had returned to London to resolve “the problem” in his life, not to clear his name, she stated.

“After he was imprisoned in Belmarsh Prison, he said he had no regrets. Asil returned as he believed in God and his innocence. He did not rely on anything else”.

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