Jailed Asil Nadir plans new business empire

Asil Nadir who is currently serving jail for fraud and embezzlement of funds on a huge scale, reportedly has plans to set up a new business.

The disgraced 72 year old tycoon is currently serving a ten-year sentence in Belmarsh Prison, near Woolwich, southeast London, for fraud and the theft of more than £30 million from his former Polly Peck empire.

However he is apparently dreaming of setting up a new media empire.

Although his request to serve his prison sentence in Turkey was turned down, he has plans to buy a television company and a major newspaper in Turkey.

This claim has been put forward by a well-known Turkish Cypriot businessman friend of his.

It should be remembered that Mr Nadir obtained legal aid because he claimed not to have any money or assets. His £1million-plus bill for a defence team at the Old Bailey was all paid for by legal aid.

He lived in exile in North Cyprus for 17 years before he returned to Britain in 2010 to ‘‘clear his name’‘, where he lived a life of luxury despite insisting he was ”penniless”.

He and his 28-year-old wife Nur rented a £21,000-a-month Mayfair house, with at least five staff, and were driven around the city by chauffeurs on shopping trips to exclusive boutiques and Harrods.

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