Asil Nadir’s return to Turkey: Application Denied

Asil Nadir’s application to complete his jail sentence in Turkey has been denied.

The 71 year old businessman is currently in prison, serving a 10 year term for embezzling US$ 45 million from his own company – Polly Peck.

He had applied to serve the rest of his sentence in Turkey, but today, news emerged that Chris Grayling, the Minister of Justice, had refused his application.

Mr Grayling felt that Nadir could use his influence in Turkey to have his sentence decreased.

The refusal will come as a major setback for Nadir. It should be remembered that to avoid an additional 6 year term, Asil Nadir paid over US$ 8 million compensation to the Court, even though he was claiming bankruptcy and was on legal aid.

Having initially escaped to the TRNC and lived there for 17 years, Mr Nadir had returned to England in 2010 with the objective of clearing his name.

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