Asil Nadir – what cost to the UK?

As posted on Friday, Asil Nadir has been ordered to pay £5 million to the administrators of Polly Peck International –  just a fraction of the total amount embezzled.  However, what is even more disturbing is the fact that the UK tax payer now has to pick up the bill for the cost of the seven month trial. Why wasn’t he ordered to pay costs?

One wonders too why Nadir bothered returning to the UK. Yes, he said that he wanted to clear his name but as he was so palpably guilty, there seems to be a case of  ‘grand delusion’ here.

So then, it made news headlines and gave us all something to talk about. However, I’m not sure that justice has been truly served. He is now in jail but how much will the hard pressed taxpayer donate to keep him in prison (at a cost of £40,00 per year)? It’s ironic that in seeking justice and financial redress, the UK has to pay through the nose to achieve it.

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