Asil Nadir’s wife seeks £5 million divorce

Asil Nadir’s wife, Nur is divorcing her jailed husband. She is also demanding £5 million and a villa in the TRNC, reports the ‘Daily Mail’.

The paper says that Nur Nadir, 29, had a bitter disagreement with her husband’s family and that she has been using Twitter to refute accusations of “slander and ugly behaviour”.

The couple married in Northern Cyprus when she was 21 – 43 years younger than multimillionaire Nadir. They lived a life of luxury at their seaside mansion.

Turkish-Cypriot Nadir fled the country in 1993, less than three years after Polly Peck collapsed, losing investors millions.

He lived in exile in North Cyprus for 17 years before he returned to Britain in 2010 to “clear his name”. At the same time managing to maintain a luxurious life-style despite insisting he was “penniless”.

Nadir, 71, stole from Polly Peck International, a major UK conglomerate until 1990 when it collapsed after a Serious Fraud Office investigation.

He fled the UK in 1993 while awaiting trial and went to North Cyprus but returned to London in 2010.

On 22 August 2012 Asil Nadir was found guilty on ten counts of theft of nearly £29m from Polly Peck.

He is currently serving a ten year jail sentence at Belmarsh Prison.

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