TRNC President’s daughter: Man Charged

Car mechanic Eray Karamaner has been charged with sabotaging the braking system of the president’s daughter, Resmiye Canaltay.

It is claimed that he disconnected the ABS brakes of her car on may 30th.

Once the police were made aware of the braking system sabotage, they launched a wide scale investigation. The day before yesterday, they arrested 32 year old mechanic Eray Karmaner.

Yesterday Mr Karamaner was in Nicosia court to hear the charges against him. Police testified that their investigations were complete, so the judge released Mr Karamaner on bail, also ordering that his travel documents be confiscated.

A court hearing date has yet to be set.

The attempt was made last week but the news was hushed up until the individual appeared in Nicosia court today.

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