Assembly votes in favour of energy agreement with Turkey

The greater majority of the TRNC assembly has voted in favour of the energy cooperation agreement between the TRNC and Turkey.

Thirty nine MPs voted in favour and four against. Seven MPs did not participate in the voting.

The agreement, aims to encourage “scientific, technical, technological, legal, administrative and commercial cooperation within the framework national legislation on the basis of equality, mutual respect and common interests by showing respect to international obligations”.

Minister of Economy and Energy Sunat Atun said that the goal is to have sustainable, cheap and clean energy and said that they will be integrated with Turkey’s power grid. He noted that soon, tenders in the field of renewable energy will go out, offering incentives for building production installations.

Tufan Erhurman, chairman of the CTP said that this is an agreement for cooperation in the field of energy in general, and includes not only electricity, but oil, natural gas and renewable energy issues. He argued that the public perception that this is an agreement to be interconnected with Turkey’s system was wrong.

He said that the CTP is not against a directly interconnected system in electricity, but they also want to be connected to a system in which Europe is included and that this will bring cheap and high quality electricity.

Referring to the issue, Huseyin Angolemli (TDP) who voted against the agreement, said that the aim of the agreement is not clear and this is why he and Zeki Celer (TDP) did not vote in favour.

He noted that the name of the TRNC electricity authority (KIB-TEK) is not even mentioned in the agreement and added that no reference is made to cheap electricity.

The government’s target, he said, is to privatise KIB-TEK by continuously increasing the price of electricity.

Halkin Sesi

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