Ataoğlu Sued by GC Family Over Property

North Cyprus News - Fikri-Ataoglu
Fikri Ataoglu – DP Leader

A Greek Cypriot family has filed a lawsuit against the head of Turkish Cypriot Democratic Party (DP) Fikri Ataoğlu in a South Cyprus court for illegal use of their property in the TRNC.

The Thomaides family filed a lawsuit against Ataoğlu, his wife, and daughter, for illegal use of their property in Famagusta.

In an item they had published in the press, the family said that they claiming for damages as of 2005. They are also also seeking a court order to allow them as owners to enjoy free possession of their property.

The hearing was postponed upon request of the family because Ataoğlu did not appear in court although the summons was issued in Turkish. The judge agreed to postpone, saying that it may be necessary for the witness to be present in court to present his evidence.

Lawyer for the family Rikkos Mappourides, said that the Immovable Property Commission in the north was not responding to Greek Cypriot claims and that launching a claim against a high profile figure such as Ataoğlu should create pressure on the IPC to give redress.

Yeni Duzen, Cyprus Mail

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