Atlasjet accused of profiteering

Atlasjet, the company that took over from Cyprus Turkish Airways (CTA) when the latter went bankrupt, has been accused of profiteering by the TRNC Court of Auditors.

As part of the takeover agreement, Atlasjet agreed to carry passengers who had bought CTA tickets. However the auditors’ report concludes that Atlasjet used this agreement to gain unjust profits.

The report says that these unfair gains amounted to TL1 million 695 thousand in charges for flights from Ercan to Istanbul and £1 million 631 thousand for flights from Ercan to the UK; all paid for by the TRNC government.

These numbers include unfair charges for ‘extra’ flights as well as charging for empty seats.

Transport Minister Hamza Saner has said that most of these payments have, unfortunately, already been made to Atlasjet.

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