Atmosphere in Cyprus Not Good: UNSG Guterres

North Cyprus News - UNSG - Antonio Guterres
UNSG – Antonio Guterres

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will present his report on Cyprus to the UN tomorrow.

The report covering the period between 11 April to 30 October will include assessments on the negotiation process. His report will state that the atmosphere around the restarting the Cyprus talks has deteriorated and that the two sides still cannot agree on the terms of reference.

According to Ankara-Anatolia New Agency, Guterres warned that the situation in the region is becoming increasingly complex, noting that this is also linked to the long-term political process and uncertainty surrounding the future.

The UNSG warned that there have been frequent disputes in the ceasefire line since 2018 and unauthorised construction activities on both sides may increase the tension and alter the status quo in the buffer zone over time. Developments on the fenced-off town of Varosha/Marash have added to that tension.

Foreign Minister Ozersay and FM Cavusoglu visit Varosha

Following the TRNC’s decision to conduct an inventory of the closed-off town, South Cyprus had brought the matter to the UN Security Council which then discussed the matter on 9 October. It reiterated its resolutions 550 and 789 which refer to the fenced off area of Famagusta.

No action should be carried out in Varosha, not in accordance with these resolutions”.

Regarding the issue of hydrocarbons offshore the island, tensions had increased and different proposals put forward by both sides had not been agreed and differences continued.

The report, which also included the survey conducted by the World Bank, indicated that according to the results of the survey, both the Turkish and Greek Cypriots believe that the current situation is unacceptable.

North Cyprus News - Jane Holl Lute
UN Temporary Advisor on Cyprus – Jane Holl Lute

The UNSG’s Temporary Special Consultant on Cyprus, Jane Holl Lute had had engaged in attempts to restart the peace process in Cyprus, six times, meeting guarantor powers, Turkey and Greece and spoke with officials from the UK. This was an effort by initiated by Guterres. He said that he would continue to look for ways to move the process forward. Ultimately, the solution likes in the hands of the two sides.

Stating that he is following closely the developments in the search for hydrocarbons off Cyprus, he urged the parties to show caution. The natural resources in and around Cyprus provide a strong motive for a mutually acceptable and sustainable solution, which can serve to advance deeper regional cooperation, Guterres said.

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