Attempt To Foil Queue Jumpers Leads To Longer Queues

North Cyprus News - Aproach To Gonyeli - Roundabout The slip road constructed in 2017 on the approach to the Gönyeli roundabout heading towards Nicosia has been blocked off, Kibris Postasi reported.

The blocked-off slip road was constructed with the aim of easing traffic queues backing up from the roundabout. However, it was noticed that some motorists were using the slip road to sneak in on the traffic heading across the roundabout.

Apparently the only solution the authorities could come up with was to block off the slip road, forcing those wishing to turn left to join the main queue and increasing the traffic tailback. Kibris Postasi said that some motorists blamed the whole fiasco on queue jumpers, while others described the decision as “tragi-comic”.

Kibris Postasi

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