Atun attends 42nd Islamic Development Bank Conference

Minister of Economy and Energy Sunat Atun who is holding contacts in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, participated in the 42th annual meeting of the Islamic Development Bank Group.

According to a statement issued by his ministry, Atun held a meeting Wednesday with Khaled M Al-Aboodi the CEO of the Islamic Corporation for private sector development. The two men discussed how the bank’s programmes can apply to small businesses in the TRNC and how it can obtain funding from the bank.

Addtionally, Bayrak television reports that Atun (pictured far right) attended a gala dinner hosted by the Minister of Economy of Saudi Arabia Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al-Jadaan. Also present at the occasion were Saudi Arabia Treasury Minister Ahmet Alkholifen, Treasury Minister of Tunisia Mohammed Abdelket and the Deputy Minister of Economy of Turkey Mehmet Simsek.

Kibris Postasi, BRT

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