Ayfilon coast cleaned up

The initiative started by the Minister of Tourism continues in the Dipkarpz area.

The ministry is looking to clean up all the main beaches in the TRNC. It has called on local councils as well as NGO’s and individual volunteersto help. So far, two beaches have been cleaned up and there has been a high level of participation from volunteers.

Amongst volunteers working on Ayfilon beach were a number of government members, including Tourism Minister Mehmet Harmanci and Youth and Sports Miniser Asim Idris.

Mr Harmanci said that efforts would be continuing every week until a further five beaches had been cleaned up. He hopes that the publicity will make the people more aware of keeping their beaches clean.

Mr Harmanci pointed out that it was not the objective to clean up rubbish but to stop rubbish accumulating on the beaches in the first place.

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