Baby Asya To Receive Gene Therapy In South

North Cyprus News - Asya Polatli
[Baby Asya Polatlı]






Monday 27 September, 2021

Baby Asya Polatlı, a Turkish Cypriot infant suffering from Type-1 SMA, has left Turkey for South Cyprus via Greece, where she will be able to receive the gene therapy she needs to halt the progress of the muscle-wasting disease, Yeniduzen reported.

Baby Asya will land at Larnaca Airport and then she will have tests at a hospital in the south and her treatment will begin.

Yeniduzen previously reported that the South’s Minister of Health, Michalis Hadjipantela announced that the drug that will enable the gene therapy necessary for Asya’s treatment has been ordered and that the company producing the drug was ready to deliver it. 


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