Bafra area has water supplies cut

The Tahal water purifying company has cut off water supplies to 38 villages and hotels in the Bafra area. Israeli owned Tahal water purification plant says that it has not been paid by the government for 23 months now.

The company encountered a technical problem at its plant 15 days ago but as the government is refusing to pay its debts to the company, Tahal has decided not to remedy the problem and so is not providing water.

Tahal management have said that because the government has not paid its debts for 23 months now, they will not be sending a specialist team from Israel to fix the problem at the plant.

Local residents have been protesting that they are at their wits end because of the cuts to the water supply from the plant and are asking that this issue be resolved urgently.

The General Manager of Tahal, Ramadan Gorgulu is clear on this. He says that there is no backing down and that the government has to pay its debts or else the team from Israel will not be sent. He adds that the government has had many warnings, both verbal and written and his company is currently taking the government to court on this issue.

The mayor of Iskele, Vekili Muslar, says that they have been managing by water rationing but will soon have to use water trucks to deal with the shortfall. He is asking for the government to clearly state what they intend to do as residents are suffering in the warmer weather.

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