Bafra still without water

Following the cutting off of water supplies to the Bafra area, all hotels and 38 villages in that area have had no water supply for over two weeks now. Currently, they are relying on wells and transported water.

As reported on April 16th, there had been a technical fault at the Tahal water purification company, but the company had refused to send in a team from Israel to fix a broken part because the government had not paid its bills owed to the company.

The management of the Israeli owned company stressed that no repairs would be made until the government had paid the company for the past two years’ worth of water supplies.

The mayor of Mehmetcik region, Beyazit Adlier, representing the 38 villages, hoping for a quick solution, visited the Tahal water treatment plant, yesterday and spoke to Yaman Efe the chief technician at the plant. He was told that an electrical component had short circuited when the power had been cut off and that this could not be repaired locally.

Local and Israeli management were adamant that a specialist team would not be sent in unless the government paid its debts.

Mr Adlier called on the government to deal with the problem as the villagers were suffering and that things were getting worse as the weather got warmer.

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