Ban on sale of antibiotics without prescription begins April 1

Turkish Cypriot pharmacists are protesting against a decision by local authorities to ban the sale of antibiotics over the counter, without a prescription.

The Turkish Cypriot pharmacists’ association has warned of potential chaos caused by the new ruling which comes into force on 1st April.

The pharmacists warned that this will also impact on Greek Cypriot customers who often cross the border to buy goods from TRNC pharmacies, because they are cheaper.

Although the move to prohibit the sale of antibiotics over the counter was the right one, it needed to be linked to the General Health Insurance System, which has not yet been established, Head of the pharmacists’ association Cevher Cem Suzal has said.

The new ruling on the sale of antibiotics will cause stress for locals and impact on them financially. Suzal, anticipating arguments between customers and pharmacists, said that the situation needed to be made easier not more difficult.

Cyprus Weekly

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