Barbeques Restricted as of May 1

North Cyprus News - Picnic area

Friday, 29 April 2022

Barbeque picnics are prohibited as of May 1 with the exception of designated picnic areas, a list of which is given below, Yeniduzen reported.

 The Forestry Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources has supplied a list of the following picnic areas as of May 1 where barbeques be may held:

Alevkaya Picnic Area, Darboğaz Picnic Area, Salamis Picnic Area, Kantara Picnic Area, Kalkalı Picnic Area, Balalan Picnic Area, Yeşilköy Water Tanks Picnic Area, Karpaz Picnic Area, Taşkent Picnic Area Karşıyaka- Kozanköy Üçyol Picnic Area.

A statement from the forestry department said the following: 

“As it is known, the largest forest fire in North Cyprus was the Girne Beşparmak Mountains fire on 27 June 1995 when 5,803 hectares, 9.52% of total forest area, was damaged by a single fire. When the causes of fires are taken into account, 99.1% of them are caused by human actions (negligence and carelessness, accident, unknown, intentional etc.) and the remaining 0.9% is caused by lightning. In addition, 90.8% of the fires to date have started in the 6-month period covering the May-October period.

“According to the laws in force, fires cannot be lit for any reason between May 1st and October 31st, and it is not allowed for this purpose. Despite this, those who set fires without permission commit a crime and, if convicted, can be fined up to 10 (ten) times the monthly gross minimum wage, or imprisoned for up to 3 (three) years, or both.

Barbeques should not be held in forest areas, except where it is permitted.

“ It is very important for our citizens to immediately notify the slightest smoke they see, to the Forest Fire Department “Alo 177”, which is the free Forest Fire Warning Line, or to the Fire Warning “Alo 199” Fire Department, without delay. Likewise, in the event of a fire, it is both a legal and a civic duty for all our citizens to participate in the fire extinguishing efforts without being called, and to try to extinguish the fire by mobilising all their means.

 Considering all these, we strongly remind all of our citizens to show maximum attention and sensitivity in order not to cause the beginning of a fire and to have a fire-free season.”


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