Barbers Charging in Euros Sparks Debate

Barbers -Mens Hairdressers

The decision by men’s hairdressers to charge in Euros has sparked significant debate in the country, Kibris Postasi reports. 

Economy Minister Olgun Amcaoğlu criticised the move, stating that the move did not comply with regulations, while CTP General Chairman Erhürman questioned why property sales hadn’t been conducted in foreign currency before, and aimed a dig at the perceived notion of struggling barbers.

General Coordinator of the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Crafts and Trades (KTEZO), Hürrem Tulga, spoke with Kibris Postasi about  the hairdressers’ Euro transition and Minister Amcaoğlu’s regulatory concerns. Tulga dismissed the regulatory hurdles, suggesting that amending the rules would be a simple task. Expressing the urgency to provide suggestions, he emphasised the market’s widespread dependence on the Euro, asserting that this was a widely known fact.

Constant Shift in Prices

Tulga highlighted the constant flux of prices, lamenting that craftsmen lacked the time to adjust their labels accordingly. Additionally, Tulga pointed out the difficulty consumers faced in discerning price variations, noting that it was difficult for consumers to understand what was cheap and what was expensive.

Charging in Euros Unavoidable

Tulga noted a surge in cross-border movements between South Cyprus and the TRNC, saying that it was no longer possible to avoid the consequences of the influence of the Euro.

Expressing his bewilderment at the government’s apparent oversight, he questioned their indifference to today’s economic reality.

Amending Regulation a Minor Task

Responding to Minister Amcaoğlu’s assertion of regulatory non-compliance, Tulga dismissed the issue as a minor regulatory adjustment.

When asked about engagement with authorities, Tulga revealed that they were solicited for suggestions, pledging prompt action. Tulga also criticised the Trade Department’s tactics of issuing warnings and threatening fines, characterising such actions as undue pressure on hairdressers.

Kibris Postasi

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