Battle Lines Drawn

The war of words between The President Dervis Eroglu and the Prime Minister  Irsen Kucuk intensifies daily as their UBP party conference draws nearer.

Mr Eroglu is now a strong supporter of another candidate, Ahmet Kasif to replace Mr Kucuk as Prime Minister. He has also come out on the offensive, by saying that if any debts arose during his rule as the Prime Minister of UPB then they were caused by Mr Kucuk, who was the General Secretary of the party at the time and responsible for payments. Mr Eroglu would like the source of current monies going into the party to be investigated.

Mr Eroglu is bitter about what he sees as a betrayal by former colleagues and says that Kucuk is trying to personalise the party around himself. He says that he is now completely withdrawing his support from Mr Kucuk and transferring it to Mr Kasif. Mr Eroglu says that the UBP that he left with 44% of the votes and 26 ministers is now in decline.

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