Bayram Politics

Leaders of the major political parties have been touring North Cyprus during Bayram. They have been meeting with the local population and making the most of the opportunity to put forward their political points.

As previously reported, the ruling UBP party’s annual convention which took place last weekend generated turmoil and a bitterly debated election process for the Prime Minister. Mr Irsen Kucuk won that round against Mr Ahmet Kasif, who then promptly took his dispute to court just before Bayram claiming that the election was unconstitutional.

Mr Kasif has been speaking to the press during his Bayram tours and stressed that he will press the legal case but is not currently minded to propose a motion of no confidence in the Government.

Naturally the opposing parties are seeking to gain an advantage from these internal struggles. The head of the main opposition party (CTP) Yorgancioglu has released statements suggesting that UBP has lost the confidence of the public.

Most of the opposition parties have been making calls for an early election.

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