BBC interviews ErsinTatar – TRNC Finance Minister

Along with many other news agencies, the BBC has arrived in Cyprus to report on the economic story unfolding in the South.

BBC reporter Chris Morris interviewed TRNC Finance Minister, Ersin Tatar and his report has been viewed in England. It is the first time the BBC has emphasized the fact that the North is completely separate from the South. The report also says that this division is due to the actions of the Greek junta.

The report states that Turkey was forced into action in 1974 because of the actions of the Greek junta on the island. It was noticeable that BBC language has moved on from describing the Turkish Army actions as invasion to intervention.

The report asks, “can the issue of the division of Cyprus be resolved by the banking crisis?” This report has been shown a number of times as part of the BBC news programme and is also available on their web-site. The link is

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