Beach clean up threatens to disturb turtle eggs

The Friends of North Cyprus Association has condemned the cleaning up of Esentepe public beach saying that baby turtles and their nests would be disturbed.

They said that the council was needlessly using a bulldozer to clean up the beach, and described the act as “carnage”.

In their message to the Interior Ministry, Kyrenia District office and Esentepe municipality, the association that is based in Germany and works voluntarily for the good of the country, said it had received information that Esentepe beach was being bulldozed unnecessarily in the name of cleaning.

The association alongside other social bodies donate regularly for the protection of the turtles.

They said the council’s action was unacceptable and strongly advised that they put an end to this inhuman act.

Normally turtle eggs continue hatching up until the end of September.

Kibris Postasi

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